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As a major supplier of permanent magnets in China, Zhuji Supermag Co., Ltd has been specializing in the production and exportation of All Magnets & Magnetic Assemblies for many years. The magnets are widely used in loudspeakers, separators, sweepers, tools, motors, pumps, magnetrons, toys, therapy, gifts, etc. Thousands of employees are working hard to supply high and stable quality of the products at very competitive prices. And our services are excellent to satisfy the customers around the world.

My name's Youguo Zhang, General Manager of the company. I graduated from a famous university in China as a Msc of Magnetism. Based on the specific knowledge and business experience, we can much easily control the detailed technology during the production. We can much easily make the discussion of the quality issues with the customer. That would be very helpful to improve the product quality and our services.

We hope faithfully to cooperate and develop together with our customers in the international permanent magnet market.
Best regards,

Youguo Zhang-ZJSM

Zhuji Supermag Co., Ltd
129 Genta East Road, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Prov., China
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